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This, of all times, is probably the worst for me to try and defend GM against the blind dislike of everything they do, since they are only now trying to clean up their ignition problems which have resulted in quite a few accidents. I was watching the video of the douchebag in the camaro trying to be a motorcycle and i'm noticing a trend, in which, every time someone acts like an asshole in any GM car the demographic of it's buyers is suddenly assumed to be made up completely of dumb rednecks or assholes. A quick look at the replies to that post will confirm that. There have been plenty of posts about drivers of Miatas, dare-I-say, not being upstanding community members but all of those posts confirm that the driver must have stolen the miata from someone of higher morals.


Whenever lately there has been a post about GM's recall of the Cobalts that like to turn off for fun the commentors like to chime in about how evil GM is rather than point out the fact that the people running GM when the problem was discovered were the same people that ran it into bankruptcy with some help from Unions and the oh-so great CAFE laws.

Every now and then when GM makes a new small car people still like to point out the Vega and tell us it's going to rust through in a year and the engine will only last 50,000 miles. Even consumer reports gives the new Cruze disappointing reliability reviews for what would appear to be no reason other than the fact that it has a bowtie and not whatever you'd like to call the Toyota badge.

Everyone that as stuck with this post this far without diving into the comments and pointing out that i'm a biased almost 17 year old who likes Camaros, won't mind me pointing out that even the General's giant land-yacht SUV's are not the bro-mobiles that they're assumed to be. Everyone I know that has bought a fullsize SUV has bought it to haul those smaller and younger versions of themselves and tow things too, so it's poor gas mileage is somewhat justified. I can guarantee that whenever a GM SUV (the worst set of acronyms on the website) is being discussed no one is planning on bringing up the fact that GM has been making hybrid versions of their full size trucks and SUV's since 2004.


If no one has figured it out yet yes, I am biased, and no, it is not for without reason.

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